// Medicines to Stop Inflammation in Rheumatic Diseases and the Gut // Genetics of Atherosclerosis - Update 2012 // Innate Immune Mechanisms in Cutaneous Autoimmunity // Microbiome and the Environment as Triggers for Genetic Manifestation of Inflammatory Diseases // gp130 Cytokines and Metabolic Control in Inflammation // Drug Discovery and Drug Design for Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases

  Aringer, Martin (DE) • Blüher, Matthias (DE) • Blumberg, Richard (US) • Brüning, Jens (DE) • Chamaillard, Mathias (FR) • D'Amato, Mauro (SE) • De Vos, Willem (NL) • Donath, Marc (CH) • Dongfeng, Gu (CN) • Ermann, Jörg (US) • Gadola, Stephan D. (UK) • Hager, Jörg (CH) • Haller, Dirk (DE) • Kemper, Claudia (UK) • Klarlund Pedersen, Bente (DK) • Mayadas, Tanya N. (US) • McVean, Gil (UK) • Parkes, Miles (UK)• Renz, Harald (DE) • Schulze-Koops, Hendrik (DE) • Specks, Ulrich (US) • Vermeire, Séverine (BE) • Von Mutius, Erika (DE)

  The DFG funded Cluster of Excellence "Inflammation at Interfaces" is an interdisciplinary research network in northern Germany dedicated to the research of etiologies, pathophysiologies and treatments of inflammation. Within the Annual Cluster Symposium, a two-day meeting has been organized to explore the challenges of translating the new insights of the etiology of chronic inflammatory disorders into the clinics. The main plenary program will be accompanied by mini-symposia focusing on the important scientific agendas of the Cluster.

The Interdisciplinary Symposium Inflammation at Interfaces will be a closed event. In addition to the invited speakers, 15 - 20 of our outstanding young faculty Cluster members will be chosen to present their most relevant findings in the related areas.

Program and registration form will follow in October

  The meeting will take place in Hamburg at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) which is located in the centre of the city. There will be time for socializing of faculty and attendees (whose group will consist of academics and students) during a dinner event at the Tropical Aquarium of Hagenbeck’s Zoo. We want to make this a memorable occasion in a very special environment.

  Hagenbeck's Tropical Aquarium   Congress Center Hamburg (CCH)
  Baines, John
Bosch, Thomas
Ehlers, Stefan
Erdmann, Jeanette
Franke, Andre
Gross, Wolfgang
Hilgenfeld, Rolf
Ibrahim, Saleh
Kabelitz, Dieter
Ludwig, Ralf
Rose-John, Stefan
Rosenstiel, Philip
Schunkert, Heribert
Zillikens, Detlef

Stefan Schreiber (Kiel) &
Ulrich Schaible (Borstel)

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