International Cluster Symposium, March 26-27, 2018

Since 2007, the Cluster of Excellence “Inflammation at Interfaces” has been setting new standards in our field of research. Many existing new insights into pathophysiology and new therapeutic targets are awaiting translation into clinical evaluation and eventual use on patients. The development of precision medicine in inflammation is therefore the next chapter.

Our concept of precision medicine includes the patient’s genome, gene and protein expression, metabolic markers and, as a rather recent development, the personal microbiome. We see the role of the microbiome as a risk factor, an important modifier for success of therapies and as a biomarker to serve as therapeutic endpoints.

The Cluster will bring together a broad diversity of scientists and topics for the 2018 International Cluster Symposium “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation – From Pathophysiology to Treatment Decision”. Nine sessions, from genome diversity to microbiomes, models of inflammation, nutritional metabolism to ethics and economic challenges intend to cover several aspects of precision medicine.

Participants will benefit from formal talks and many informal conversations, exchange of knowledge and international cooperation. All participants may present their topics in poster sessions; the three best posters will be awarded with prizes.

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: Ralf Baumeister (DE) - Robert Beardmore (UK) - Friedrich von Bohlen und Halbach (DE) - Kenneth Croitoru (CA) - Jan Freudenberg (US) - Sébastien Gagneux (CH) - Ivo Gut (ES) - Uwe Himmelreich (BE) - Ursula Klingmüller (DE) - Cédric Laczny (LU) - Taeko Noah (US) - Jürgen Popp (DE) - Henk Stunnenberg (NL) - Ann-Christine Syvänen (SE) - Julio Vera-González (DE) - Mamoru Watanabe (JP) - Anthony Whetton (UK) - Craig Winstanley (UK)